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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill


Typical Direct Response cash buy campaigns are obviously not guaranteed. With a Performance Based advertising campaign, however, you are guaranteed a fixed and discounted cost for each response or sale.


B. H. Direct airs your company’s existing, Direct-Response commercials on Nationwide Radio, TV, Cable and/or Print, at a mutually-agreed-upon cost per call.


If you do not have an existing ad campaign, B. H. Direct can write and produce professional, customized commercials, designed to generate a consistent, cost effective lead flow.


The advantage of performance based advertising is that it significantly reduces the risk of paying for an unsuccessful campaign. Why? Because you only pay for the calls or sales, not the air time.




Cost Per Call: Direct Response vs. Performance Based Advertising



Every Direct Response campaign results in an easily calculated cost per call average. If for example, you spent $10,000 on an advertising campaign and 100 leads are generated, the cost you paid per lead comes to $100.00.


B. H. Direct will air those same commercials at a guaranteed, pre-agreed cost per lead, which tends to be 20% less than a Direct Response buy. With our unique media niche and broad relationships, we are confident that we can help drive more cost effective customers to your business.

A Few of our Clients

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